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PNW Pallet continually re-evaluates the status quo in search of the next outstanding logistics and pallet solutions. We have one simple philosophy: Customer satisfaction and manufacturing expertise go hand in hand. As your partner and advisor, we make the best possible pallets and facility optimizations for your needs while being courteous stewards of our environment. 

Innovative, safe and entrepreneurial, PNW Pallet was founded in 2022. Created with the vision of premier customer service and industry-leading quality in our products and services, that mission is continuing into the future.

Through our respectful, communicative, and honest company culture that promotes learning and growth, our team is filled with the best and the brightest. It’s through our combination of highly trained and knowledgeable team members with our national reach that allow us to handle every possible pallet need in a way that guarantees accuracy, speed, and dependability. 

We’re always focused on developing the best optimization techniques for your unique situation. Whether you just need large amounts of pallets in exacting dimensions, or you’d like us to handle your entire pallet inventory and maximize its efficiency, PNW Pallet is the ultimate resource for pallet and logistics services. 

Our team has years of experience in the industry and we excel in the timely delivery of quality pallets through fine-tuned manufacturing and transportation operations. We provide service throughout Oregon and Washington. Whatever your pallet needs call for, we deliver anytime, anywhere in the US. We also have strategic locations near multiple large ports and can ship internationally.

Your success is our pride. Together we can make the world faster, more efficient, and greener for generations to come. 

Pallets in Oregon

PNW Pallet provides pallet management services and high-quality pallet products to customers throughout the state of Oregon. We proudly serve the Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Gresham, Salem, Hood River and Bend areas. Our team of pallet experts in Oregon is ready to provide you with pallet solutions. Experienced with pallet dimensions of all sizes, our team will help you choose the correct pallet size, type and grade for your specific operation. Give our expert teams a call to learn more about how our pallets and pallet management services can benefit your Oregon and Washington operations.

We have trucks and trailers to fit any type of pick up or delivery need.

Our operational efficiencies allow us to be competitive while delivering exceptional customer service. We are constantly improving how we engineer custom solutions for our clients. Good is never good enough.

We excel at meeting challenging commitments as we achieve total customer satisfaction.

PNW Pallet understands the pallet manufacturing and shipping industry inside and out. We are recognized for our ability to provide consistent quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Based in Portland, Oregon, PNW Pallet offers a complete range of wood pallets for your supply chain needs. Pallets touch every link in the supply chain. Therefore, we provide value-added services to assist you in streamlining and reducing the costs of your entire pallet and shipping program. We will analyze your specific applications and set up a comprehensive solution to improve your operational and shipping efficiency – improving your bottom line.

The Best Wood Pallets in Portland, OR

From do it yourself projects to keeping your shipping costs low, we can help. Whether you use pallets for house projects or your business shipping needs, you can count on us. 

When you need to buy wood pallets in Portland, OR, we are available for your specific needs.

As your local suppliers, we provide businesses with:

Conveniently Serving Locations near you

Affordable Pricing

Wide Selection  (48x40s & Odd Sizes)

New and Used Inventory 

Custom Wood Pallets

Expertise and Quality Products

Professional Pallet Providers

Reliable Operators


Used Pallets

Plastic Pallets

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Supply & Removal of Pallets in Portland, OR

Whether you just started a new business or have an existing one, chances are you need some type of pallet. You may need them for warehousing and/or for shipping needs, since pallets are an essential part of businesses logistics and daily operations. On the other hand, you may need to dispose of them if they are piling up within your facility, taking up useful space in storage areas. In both cases, our company can provide you with the solutions and expertise you need.

PNW Pallet offers the following solutions:

New Pallets

ISPM-15 certified heat-treated pallets

Custom size pallets

Pallet pickup

Plastic Pallets

PNW Pallet deals with new, used, recycled wood and plastic pallets. Pallet recycling saves money and is good for the environment when compared to purchasing new pallets. PNW Pallet specializes in the standard 48×40 pallet with 4-way entry (GMA/grocery pallet), offering several different grades of this pallet size. Click here for more information on these grades, or contact us to discuss which pallet best meets your specific needs.

Aside from the 48×40, PNW Pallet has a variety of pallets that pass through our facility. While our inventory varies, we can often times offer other sizes from 36×36 to 48×48. All of our reconditioned pallets have undergone our strict repair procedures and comply with the accepted repair standards of the National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA).

PNW Pallet’s selection of pallets may include everything from a low-cost “one-way” pallet to a high grade “like new” pallet. Low cost, one-way pallets are older and have been repaired more, but they are cost effective and get the job done in many situations. “Like-new” pallets are used pallets that have been used very little, have very few repairs and look and perform like a new pallet.

Also available is what we call a “New Life” pallet, which is made of new 2×4 stringers, and used/recycled wood board on the top and bottom deck. This allows us to custom build other pallet sizes with a strong structural integrity.

We buy and collect used and surplus pallets from businesses and individuals

Contractual agreements for regular delivery and pick-up of used pallets can be arranged

We can stage trailers/flatbeds on site for customers to use or stack pallets as needed

We arrange repair and return programs tailored to your demand

We can haul and dispose of select types of wood waste when picking up pallets from your facility

Call us for availability and details on our non-standard pallets. We are happy to work with you to find the pallets that best meet your specific needs.