Five Qualities of a Great Portland Pallet Supplier Business Relationship

Great business relationships are mutually beneficial and can provide many benefits, but are also hard to form. This is true in every business relationship, including the Portland, Oregon Pallet Company you decide to work with. These top qualities can help set goals and standards for our relationship with you. We want to earn your business and trust to become your top choice for in buying, selling, removing or recycling your wood and plastic pallets in Oregon and Washington.

Great business relationships can be very important to a company’s core products, marketing and brand image. However, brand affiliation can quickly change from a benefit to a liability for a variety of reasons. That’s why when it comes to business-to-business commerce, there are certain qualities that you should compare potential candidates against. The best business partners will add to the prosperity of your company, increase name recognition and improve public relations. Start a conversation with us for more information on potential partnerships. In addition to asking yourself if the partnership leaves room for growth, look for the following attributes:

Similar Objectives
Effective Communication
Consistency and Reliability
Financial Stability
Complimentary Strengths
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  1. Similar Objectives
    The first thing to consider when looking at affiliating yourself with another brand is: What is the company’s main objective and does it align with your own? Of the top concerns that are evaluated when looking into a partnership, whether their future plan of growth is in line with your own is probably the most important. The more closely aligned a company’s objectives are with you, the more they should be considered. Take a moment to consider your brand’s objectives:

• Profit Margins

• Profitability

• Customer Service

• Employee Retention

• Brand Values

• Business Growth/Expansion

• Management

• Competitive Analysis

• Other

PNW Pallet is undergoing remarkable transformation. Powered by determination, industry knowledge, and a number of strategic moves, our business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Our success, long based on products of exceptional value and quality, now depends increasingly on the quality of the solutions provided in markets throughout the Portland, Oregon area. It depends on the ability to provide creative innovation and leadership on a broader stage.

  1. Effective Communication
    Even though effective communication is one of the most obvious aspects of a partnership, it’s so important that it deserves its own focus. It’s critical to the success of not only the internal affairs of a company, but also the external success between partners. Forms of communication can vary, but open lines of communication are crucial to a positive and efficient affiliation. Good business partners are those that have timely and competent responses to vital information, so that the process of completing objectives is fluid and economical. Companies with good communication are easy to identify. Their replies are steadfast, swift and their input is more than just a redirection.
  2. Consistency and Reliability
    Consistency and reliability are mandatory for a good, long-term business partner. Progress depends on the constancy of the affiliated corporation and their ability to fulfill their end of the task in a timely manner. Singling out a reliable company requires an information gathering process from outside sources. The ideal first step is to check the reviews for the company that are not on the company website. The goal here is to get an idea for how the surrounding community values the company and the way that they conduct their business. Fake online reviews can be a real issue, so try to contact companies that your prospective business partner has worked with before in order to get their firsthand experience.
  3. Financial Stability
    Financial stability goes hand-in-hand with long-term reliability. A business partner without a stable financial situation won’t be a partner for long. When affiliating yourself with another company, you need to look into dependable companies with strong financial ratings. This is possible by looking too see if the earnings, return on equity, and their relative value are comparable with those of other companies. When a business is financially stable they should have more than just a growth in earnings, and a broader pattern should be established by looking at earning stability and earning quality.

Take this a step further by trying to see where this stability is coming from, like top line growth or cutting expenses to add to the bottom line. A financially stable company with long-term potential will be one where top line growth is more important than the bottom line. Seeing growth in earnings and declining revenues plus an increase in cost is, and should be seen as, an anomaly. Being financially stable ensures that the other qualities are to be well met. This type of stability also makes it easier to make riskier and ultimately more beneficial business calls. Each party can afford to make mistakes or take risks because of their monetary safety net.

  1. Complementary Strengths
    A final thing to consider when looking to become affiliated with a company is finding a partner that will compliment your weaker areas. For example, an organization that doesn’t invest heavily into public relations and social media may benefit more partnering with a company that has experience in those areas. The most important strengths and weaknesses will depend upon the industries and individual corporations, but knowing your own assets and vulnerabilities will help your company choose the most beneficial partners.

These five qualities are a good starting point for partnership considerations, although there can much more research that goes into this type of decision. When looking at a prospective business affiliate, it’s important to remember the fallacy of middling. This is where you leave out all of the middle-of-the-road possibilities and think of a company as only their best or worst traits. It is critical to look at all aspects of a company and judge each with an impartial eye. Most importantly, remember what it is you want out of a partnership and try to not settle for less.

Here at PNW Pallet, we believe that change is driven by imaginative thinking and a strong foundation. Not only do we hope to partner with you to become your choice in buying, selling, removing or recycling wood and plastic pallets in Oregon, we also hope to advise you. This is our way of committing to you and our mutual goal of forward progression. When it comes to your company’s pallet needs, our company can perform to the highest standards. When searching for “pallet companies near me” remember to keep in mind these 5 qualities. With optimal communication, reliability, and financial stability; we make sure that we are the best business partners for the job you need completed.